Kahneman. Pretty much my hero.

Kahneman. Pretty much my hero.

It’s TED. It’s Tuesday (just barely). Kahneman is AMAZING! Back in my college days (ahem, almost 3 years ago), I spent hours upon hours reading research papers he had written for my very own humble proto-thesis. And by reading, I mean trying to comprehend what the hell he was talking about. This presentation makes these concepts so much more clear and beats trying to decipher behavior modeling equations that read like the campus Greek organization roster.

The applications of the findings on happiness research and in the field of behavior economics could vastly improve and revolutionize the way we live and work – as Kahneman mentioned it taking a growing role in public policy.

When you end on a high note, whatever it is you’re doing, it leaves that positive lasting impression on the remembering self. In context of a task or learning a new skill, this can be highly intrinsically motivating and can be a source of immensely effective behavioral change. But of course it can work both ways.

I think back then I must have had this idealistic, romantic idea that I could use all this research I barely understood and change the world for good…not so much progress on that front thus far.

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