A memory: Dolores Park.

It was a sunny Saturday afternoon, so it was busy with people picnicking all over the grass. Among the crowd were steampunk cosplayers, a guy in a confusing children's-Saturday-morning-TV-character-looking purple body suit, two pairs of

An introduction to introverts.

This informative video has been making the rounds on the internet lately. At 7 minutes, it's much lengthier than the typical viral video, but is worth a watch. Creator Daniel Widfeldt Lomas notes that this


Not too long ago, my friend, Jenn, posted a curious link on my Facebook profile. Both of us do design work and have bonded over the nerdy things that come with the territory. One such


Good to play with: close friends, romantic interests Not good to play with: your office manager, family members, members of the clergy It's like: A regular, everyday staring contest...if you lived in a soap opera