The terms alpha and beta, or Type A and Type B, respectively, aren’t used in a purely psychological sense, but more in the context appropriated by popular culture.

Not everyone wants to be be an alpha-dog.

Sure, leadership skills are useful and competition can drive innovation, but not everyone likes being a leader or cares about winning. That doesn’t mean we’re unmotivated or lack ambition, and it definitely doesn’t mean we can’t lead or be the best at what we do. Embracing beta is not about settling or making compromises; it’s about being true to your personality and not trying to be someone or something (or somewhere) you’re not just because society or some other external construct defines success by the number trophies or followers you have…At least, that’s the concept.

In the software world, a "beta" release is a version of the software that is made available to a group of testers or to the general public as a trial of real world conditions and usage. There are bound to be problems or "bugs" that need to be addressed, but it’s the exposure to the rigors and challenges of the real world and the influence of the people in it that reveal weaknesses (or quirks, if you prefer); then as problems get fixed or functionality is refined, the software improves.

Life itself is a similar continual process of learning and growth, so figuratively, we live our lives in beta, too, right?

This blog is a collection of works curated or authored with the intention to be introspective. Not everything is explicitly about personality. Not everything is written or created seriously, or thoughtfully, for that matter. But hopefully it’s thought-provoking, at the very least in a tangential way. Or maybe it’s nonsense. All nonsense.

Richmo is a Californian practically-native San Diegan, would-be designer with a penchant for data, chairs, textures, and smelling things, addicted to cereal and super-extra-branny granola bars, often fascinated with the environment, words, and people, but more frequently confused by sports, politics, and…people.